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About Me

I never know what to write in these kinds of situations. I am the girl who never fills out her profile or biography section .

I am :

  • a lover of lists. I cannot stop and devote whole notebooks to various lists.Although a post it note will also suffice .
  • a girl who loves her sleep . I am also a very deep sleeper and anti-alarm clocks.
  • a ferocious reader. I eat  books with my mind it seems so quickly as if I am famished and only words and pages can help. This is not good for my wallet. Or my limited book shelves.
  • I look forward to icy cold cans ( has to be a can ) of Diet Coke like some do for the birth of a child. It’s not an addiction . It is love.
  • another girl with an eating disorder. Although I am pleased to say that while I am not recovered or on the path by any means I have come to a place that I am comfortable with . A place I can live with if I am unable to get out of .
  • a person who is very OCD about certain aspects of her life and very random about others.
  • someone who loves to write but never feels like she has the right outlet.

I love:

  • skinny iced caramel lattes in the summer and skinny vanilla lattes in the winter.
  • soup. Yes probably obvious , I know. But soup well I could live off of it. It’s a hug in a bowl to me .
  • smirnoff vodka .I am not a fancy girl but I do not like beer.
  • animals. I am the girl in the middle of the highway nudging the snapping turtle to the other side of the road.
  • spongebob squarepants and kate moss. Perhaps too much
  • forehead kisses and transfering from bed to the couch and blankets in the morning . Spending the morning in a warm half sleep watching Saved By The Bell re-runs.

Nothing makes me happier than :

  • puppies. Specifically bull dog ones and yellow and chocolate labradors.
  • an Intervention marathon .
  • reading a book in the sun all afternoon with a good drink.
  • cooking a fantastic meal .
  • when the apartment is completely clean .
  • when my jeans are too big 😛

If I could wish for three things :

  • the ability to know what decision to make .
  • end to world hunger. It frustrates me to no end that I live in a country where people choose to starve or throw out food and others will do anything for it.
  • world peace. I’m a canadian people pleaser

I decided to start this blog as a promise and documentation of a new beginning. One where negative starts lead to a positive ending .


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  1. nicole permalink
    June 20, 2009 2:47 pm

    wow as i read this i kept nodding. yes, cans not bottles-they never get cold enough. and the jeans thing-i like to be able to do a lock-stitch in the waistband to take them in (the bad part is letting them back out lol). ditto on the writing outlet-youd think between myspace, lj and the Pages (like Word)app on my macbook, i’d have found the right fit!

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