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It’s Out There Which Is Better Than It Not Being Out There, I Guess.

July 18, 2009

Now I know this will probably come across as a big shocker, but guys , I am t i r e d !

I have made it through the first week of school and I haven’t died from anything . Yet. The workload is fucking insanity and I only take one subject at a time. I don’t remember having this crazy of a workload when I had 6 classes to worry about. The courses are really compressed for time and despite classtime being 20 hours a week ( mon-fri 6-10 pm) the majority of my time outside of class is spent doing classwork or studying. I don’t feel I am learning as well as I should be ( my marks reflect this but I am passing) because of the lack of length of time spent on each component of the subject but I’m doing it.

Almost had a heart attack the other night in class while the teacher was midway through a demo . A silver fish dropped down from the ceiling onto my arm and then on to my text book. I was freaking out and jumping all over the place while the class watched me and kept saying what what . I could not find my words soon enough unfortunately and I believe the girl who sits beside me though I spilled my water on my keyboard. The guy behind me was all but jumping over the desk because he thought I was having an episode or osmething was medically wrong with me. I was able to smush it with my flipflop and my teacher ” reassured” me that this has happened before to other students and was one of the reasons we were switching campuses in September. No , not exactly reassuring.

Aside from being disgruntled about class times and endless studying. The kind where you’re starting to mix up the information you’re studying for seperate exams and quizzes, food has also been an issue. I’ve been so busy during the day. Not run around busy . More so sit in my pjs on the couch with my books until the clock feels like it’s magically turned to 6 pm and I have to hurry and get to class , that I haven’t been eating much if at all during the day . I go to class and mid way through my stomach makes that hollow nasty sound that your sure the whole classroom can hear. Then by the time I get home it’s been too long and the hunger feeling has diminshed and I’m tired and don’t want to make something. Some days ( more often than not despite my better judgement of what this is leading to or rather perhaps has led to ) I go with it and get into bed and just have a cold bottle of water. Some days I make something but like I said by this point I don’t feel that hungry anymore so I have a few bites and before I know it’s the next day and it’s started again. It’s something I need to get a handle on and it’s not to say that I haven’t made any efforts. I’ve prepared meals during the dya to have when I come home ( i end up not having them as what usually happens when I pre-plan food ) or I try to eat prior to class which ends up in a small amount of food because i just want to get it over with because my mind is elsewhere and I almost feel guilty for devoting a chunk of my mind or thoughts to the food, when there is SO much stuff to be done . So much to read and write and what the hell am I doing bothering with something so trivial as whether or not I got my 5 a day , you know? So yeah I really didn’t figure out anything by writing this, but it’s out there which is better than it not being out there I guess.

Cottaging this weekend was meant to happen.I mean we had planned to go all week. We did not plan however to be so exhaustingly tired. We did not plan to not be able to sleep until midnight most nights this week despite the fact that we could not keep our eyes open. I hate that. Tossing and turning in a half sleep. finally falling asleep only to wake an hour or two later or even worse waking up with the alarm and knowing you just fell asleep minutes ago . So yes, cottage did not happen. Staying in the city did . Obviously or I wouldn’t be sitting in my track pants enjoying an iced coffee from Tim Hortons  , an episode of Workout  ( yey for watching trash on Slice all weekend ) and writing this.

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  1. my3tots permalink
    July 19, 2009 3:58 am

    ahhh i miss Workout! i miss cable! le sigh. On the food thing, I grab a specialK bar some or some sort of prepackaged energy thingy to toss into my book bag. Usually ends up being eaten en route or during the 5 minute smoke break between hours, which i am sure is attractive-girl eating bar, drining coffee and puffing away in the designated smoking gazebo in a 5 minute window of time :-/ Am realizing I need food to make my brain work (most days lol) …not as invincible as I used to be when I wasn’t using my brain…

    • soupoflife permalink*
      July 19, 2009 4:31 pm

      No cable at all ? And like didn’t you have TiVo before?
      i hate special k bars they taste gross to me. I ‘m not really a bar gal either. I feel like I’m cheating myself by eating a bar even though they are so convenient , because I could have had all this other stuff rather than one little bar. 😛
      LOL at least you have a smoking gazebo. im on a smoke free campus so i have to stand on the sidewalk in front of 5 lanes of a one way street
      Very true about the brain food

      • my3tots permalink
        July 19, 2009 4:58 pm

        yes we are lucky this campus hasn’t gone totally non smoking…YET!! most other schools are, and all hospitals are (even in parking lots WTF). I like special k because it’s 90 calories and so easy. even with salad or something less caloric/fattening it seems liek too much work and time consuming some days. and im a sugar NUT so i like sweet-ish meal/snack bars.

        nope no cable or satellite tv out here in the country YET. Rob said loval cable is shitty here and DIshnetwork satellite didnt work well in summer because we have this ginormous tree blocking the signal. go figure. I’m just lazy, i could call and get direct tv satellite hooked up (their satellite is at a different point in the sky), and i will soon. yes i kinda miss it, and the tivo/dvr. now im rushing to get kids bathed and all that on certain evenings so we can watch ANTM and Am Idol and such lol

  2. my3tots permalink
    July 19, 2009 3:59 am

    ps-did you change your banner image? I Luv it! another miss kate moss?

    • soupoflife permalink*
      July 19, 2009 4:30 pm

      Yeah I changed it awhile back . And yes of course

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